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“ The task of my life and the congregation to which I belong is precisely to arouse and ever greater interest in the Missions and if possible to make it take root in every heart.”

Soon after reading the pamphlet by Cardinal Lavigerie, Mary Theresa decided to consecrate her pen to the service of the missionary and anti-slavery cause. A first fruit of this decision was a play written to awaken consciences and hearts to the evils of slavery and to rally support for the anti slavery movement. Soon afterwards she began a small missionary magazine entitled the “Echo From Africa”. In a short time the magazine had 2000 subscribers and was continuing to grow, as a result Mary Theresa asked permission to “resign from Austria’s imperial court so as to transfer to the court of the Good Lord.”

Today the Echo from Africa is now printed in 9 languages, and distributed worldwide. As Sisters of St Peter Claver we continually strive to serve the needs of the missions with the same Zeal of our Mother Foundress. With Missionary animation as our goal, we aim to awaken love and enthusiasm for the missions among people, to arouse interest in and understanding of the task of missionaries.


Mary Theresa used every means at her disposal, especially the communications media, to reach the greatest number of people. Her discerning eye immediately grasped the importance and unlimited potential of the printed word for the extension of the kingdom of God. Today her sisters also use any means at their disposal; you will find Claverian Sisters speaking in parishes, schools, prayer groups, working with young people or as a seamstress, writing articles, wrapping parcels, correcting proofs, answering correspondence, translating, keeping accounts, and much more: all in the name of missionary animation.



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