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St Peter Claver

Peter Claver was born in Spain in 1580. In 1596 he went to the university of Barcelona where he studied Literature and Art and in 1602 he joined the Jesuits. While studying Philosophy in Majorca he became a close friend of the saintly college porter, Alphonsus Rodriguez. This gentle old man of profound spiritual insight convinced the young Jesuit that his mission in life was to serve the victims of the slave trade.

In 1610 Peter Claver left Spain for the West Indies where he completed his Theology studies and 1616 he was ordained a priest in Santa Fe di Bogota. At Cartagena, he met Father Alonso de Sandoval who introduced him to the pastoral care of the African Slaves. For forty years Peter Claver devoted his life to the slaves. With heroic abnegation he served them in their suffering, preached by word and example Christ’s infinite love for each of them and showed that the light of Christ can shine even in the most appalling conditions. It is estimated that he instructed and baptised from three hundred thousand African slaves.


Feast Day 9th September

On the 8th of September 1654, Peter Claver died in Cartagena. He was canonised in 1888 by Pope Leo XIII and declare the special patron of all mission to Africans in 1896. St. Peter Claver was chosen by Mary Theresa Ledóchowska as patron of her work in Africa, then still plagued by slavery.

(Redemptoris Missio 77)




Our Lady of Good Council

Feast Day 26th April


Devotion to Our Lady, the Mother of Good Counsel, sums up and catalyses all the Marian and missionary fervour of the congregation. From the very beginning the missionary work and the organisation of the newly born community needed the special help of the Holy Spirit, especially the light of His counsel. It is then easy to understand why Mary Theresa should have felt attracted to Our Lady who held herself open to the Holy Spirit and His counsel that she became the channel of the Word of God made human, addressed to all people.

Our Lady of Good Counsel represents the missionary ideal in many ways. Her counsel is there to help determine God’s will in the discernment of Vocation. Her advise to do whatever he will, (Jn 2,5), is central to service of God and of His people.

For the Sisters of St. Peter Claver, the advice and the example clears the way towards discovery of new resources and their distribution, so that in mission countries the generosity of the contributors can bear fruit.



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