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About Us... Spirituality
“Contemplative in action and active in contemplation”
  • The vocation of a Sister of St. Peter Claver requires a spirit of selflessness and sacrifice in response to the religious ideal of our Mother Foundress: “all for all”, leave all and you will find all.
  • The congregation of St Peter Claver is part of the great missionary family, although it is not in itself missionary ‘Ad Gentes’.Claverian Sisters work tirelessly in the work of propaganda and deny themselves ‘missions’ of their own, therefore Mother Ledóchowska’s daughters must have a missionary spirit that is all the more intense in that they deprive themselves of the joy of seeing the fruits of their sacrifices: they must be grains of wheat that die to produce an eternal harvest.
  • “Holy Poverty” is touchstone for vocations to the Congregation, “we should never forget that our Institute is founded on poverty and humility. It began in poverty and humility, and the more it’s members are poor and humble the better it will be for themselves and the work. For God resists the proud but gives his grace to the humble”. In union with the privations imposed on missionaries by their life in the outstations Claverian Sisters embrace poverty.
  • Marie Theresa was very inspired by the spirituality of St Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Jesuits, and adopted this for her congregation. She taught that we should work as St Ignatius advised which is to work as if everything depended on our efforts but, once it has been achieved, think of ourselves as useless servants.
  • The balance of work and prayer is essential for the Claverian Sister. There should be no distinction between these to realities. Whilst there is time set aside specifically for prayer both personal and in common, our work should be an extension of that prayer. As Mother Ledóchowska wrote: “Work and pray! Pray and work! Work is the Mortification that gives efficacy to our prayer.”



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