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Present disposition

Reflect on Matthew 16,1-4
Find some quiet time and think about how God has worked in your life.
How has Jesus been present in you life?

Reflect on Luke 9,28-36
How might Jesus be calling you?
What is Jesus saying to you today?

Reflect on Matthew 5,1-16
What do you expect and anticipate from God?
What do you hope for?

Reflective experience

Reflect on Matthew 8,18-27

As you think about your own life story, what have been the most important decisions in your life so far?

What were you feelings, hopes and fears in the process of making those decisions?

What were the consequences or outcomes of those decisions?


Reflect on Matthew 6:5-22

How do some of the gospel values (discipleship, God’s Kingdom, perseverance, truth, poverty, single-heartedness, fidelity, justice, mercy, hope, love, humility) relate to you present discernment?

How do you see your discernment in relation to the elements in Jesus’ life (his ministry of healing, his qualities of trust, courage, forgiveness, faith, his suffering and persecution, his desire for fullness of life for all, etc.)?




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