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Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam... For the Greater Glory of God...

By Sr Genevieve Kudlik (Polish, working in Poland)


Lord you seized me and I could not resist you
I ran for a long time but you followed me
I took by-paths, but you knew them
You overtook me
I struggled
You won.


Marked by the fire of your love
I can no longer forget you
Now I know that you are there, close to me
And I work in peace beneath your gaze of love

The above words in some way summarise my life as on the 17th September 2000, I made my Perpetual Profession and took the vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience in my native parish in Poland. It was the confirmation of my decision taken some years before, when I said “Yes” to the infinite love of God and to follow Him to the end.

Among the con-celebrants I had two of my brothers who are priests. The celebration was in itself very enriching and solemn – it had great significance for me. The experience of it can never be forgotten! Now I can say that I do not belong to myself anymore. I am the possession of Jesus, through my Final Vows I belong to Him totally.

Many joined and shared my happiness on that day: my family, friends, neighbours, the whole parish took part in thanking the Lord for all He has done for me. The Sisters from our Communities also came and supported me with their prayers and presence. My greatest desire is that I will remain faithful to my commitment, and that my whole life and all my efforts will be for the greater glory of God.

Dear friends, may this short prayer, which became my daily prayer, be also an inspiration to you who read it.


"Breathe in me breath of God
Fill me with life anew
That I may love the things you love
And do what you would do".


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