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Youth ... The Story So Far....

In the year 200 the World Youth Day was in Rome; in 2002, in Toronto. And now young people from all around the world are getting ready for the next one in Cologne, Germany, in 2005.


On the 27th January this year the Cross and Icon were received into Scotland from the youth of the diocese of Hexham & Newcastle (England) by the young people of the archdiocese of St Andrew’s and Edinburgh. It was then passed on to the various diocese of this country. On 14 February the Cross and the Icon were passed to the young people of South Tyrol, Northern Italy.

In the following issues we will be talking more about the WYD. Meanwhile log in to www.wyd2005.org and contact your local diocesan youth agency to find out more.
These were about the last words of the dying Christ. He was telling us that he had achieved all we had set out to do. Later St Paul in a letter to his friend Timothy would echo the same sentiment when he rote, “I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race”. He was really saying that he never gave up.

Just what had Jesus accomplished? He had loved us to death. He had given us the most perfect definition of true love that the world had ever known. “Greater love than this, no one has, than to lay down his life for his friends”. How different from the so often degraded and selfish use of the word love in our world today.

A love like that cries out “Love me back!” Accept that challenge. You have it in you. I have witnessed so many times your generous hearts and unselfish love for others, at Lourdes, at home, in poor countries.

So you cannot yet say “it is accomplished”. There is still a long way to go for you. Still much to be done. I know you are proud to belong to and be part of a Church that cares for the poor and speaks out against injustice and unjust structures. You are that Church!

Use your God given talents to love and serve God and others. That way, you too will be able to say one day that your special task has been accomplished.

+John, Bishop of Paisley


When all had been accomplished and you died on the cross, you showed us the perfect sacrifice you were prepared to make for us.


As we set out in life, without knowing what you have prepared for us, given strength and courage to face the sacrifices we have to make to accomplish all you have planned for us.


Kevin Ormond,

Michael Hayes,

Matthew Carlin
S5 St Luke’s High School, Barrhead





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