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In our last issue we introduced the theme for World Youth Day 2005 “We have come to worship Him”.


In preparation for the gathering of 2005, the Holy Father chose as the theme for this year’s WYD:
We wish to see Jesus (Jn12:21).


As with all World Youth Days the Pope prepares a message for the youth of the world, this year his message is a call to each and every one of us to open our hearts and allow ourselves to see Jesus.


The first part of the message calls us to open ourselves to God, to allow Him to see us; in order to see Jesus we must first let Him look at us, the most beautiful aspect of human dignity is precisely man’s vocation to communicate with God in an exchange of glances that are life transforming


.“allow Jesus to gaze into your eyes so that the desire to see the light, and to experience the splendour of the truth may grow within you.”


In our daily struggle for direction the Holy Father asks us to seek the face of God in the silence of our heart and in the faces of all we meet: “Seek Him with the Eyes of the flesh through the events of life and in the faces of others; but seek him too with the eyes of the soul through prayer and meditation on the Word of God”. Jesus calls us to true freedom and that means having the strength to choose the One for whom we were created. The Pope asks us not to lose heart in this search for God in our lives because “it is your fulfilment and your joy that is at stake."


When we find God in our self and in the world around us we are asked to share Him with others. “Your contemporaries expect you to be witnesses of the One whom you have met and who gives you life…Put your talents and your youthful enthusiasm at the service of the proclamation of the Good News. Be enthusiastic friends of Jesus who present the Lord to all who wish to see Him.”

We are asked to enter into a relationship with God, through ourselves and the world. The Psalmist writes:

“Your face, Lord do I seek, hide not your face”.

May we truly find that face of God as we journey towards World Youth Day whether we are making the pilgrimage or not, so that wherever we may be, we can all come together at that time and say

“We have come to worship Him”. (Mt 2, 2)



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